General Rules

Please review all our rules and regulations before using the MBC facility. The ABC staff may,from time to time, inform you about additional rules and regulations or changes. All ABC members and guests must check-in at the ABC front desk. Please have your club ID card or identification document ready to show when checking in. Anyone who does not sign an ABC liability release form will not have accessibility to ABC courts or facility. The guest fee enables non members to enter and play in the ABC facility as a guest until he or she leaves the ABC facility for the day. ABC Management may limit the number of guests that can use the ABC facility at any given time. ABC will accept personal checks for payment only from ABC members or if approved by administrative staff. Children under 12 years of age must have parental supervision at all times, on and off the courts. Children must not, at any time, loiter or play in the parking area. If so, ABC will not be liable for any incidents. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed on the floor court areas. Anyone who violates this policy will have to dispose the food or drinks immediately or be required to leave ABC premises immediately. All members and guests who use any of the ABC courts realize and accept that badminton is a vigorous sport and is possible to sustain injuries when playing. All Members and Guests play badminton at their own risk. Any member who fails to pay past due fees or account payments for over 15 days will receive a delinquent notice suspending membership privileges until all past due fees or account payments have been paid. Any member who fails to pay past due fees or account payments for over 30days will lose their membership status without receiving any refund. ABC does not allow smoking, gum chewing, animals (except for service or therapy dogs) or weapons in the facility. Anyone found to be violating this policy will be required to leave the ABC premises immediately without refund and may be barred from entering the ABC premises in the future. ABC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please tend to your own personal effects.

In certain situations, a membership transfer will be granted upon request if a valid reason is provided, and approved by ABC. If a transfer of membership is granted by ABC, a processing fee of $20 per applicant will be charged, and half of the membership period from the transferring member will be granted to the transferee. Membership transfer may only be granted once to each member.

To assure proper processing, application must be received before the 15th of any month and transferred membership will become effective on the 1st day of the next month. On membership fee due date, a 14 day grace period will be granted for renewal of membership. Once the 14 day grace period expires without notification of renewal, membership will also expire. If expired members wish to renew their membership after 14 grace period has expired,or renewal of membership beyond expiry date, a $25 processing fee will be added to the renewal of membership.

Rotation Rules

During open play, members and guests should follow the following rules. Please be considerate of all players and people who are waiting. Note that all players rotate to play, regardless of levels of badminton skill or age.

If there are people waiting for a court, you are limited to one game of doubles to 21 points. If nobody is waiting, you may play singles. Otherwise two players can only use half of a court.

If you aren’t playing a match and there are people waiting, you are limited to 15 minutes of play time.

How to Line Up For a Court

We have timers for all courts. Please notify players on courts that you are waiting for a court and set up the timer for 15 minutes.

To become a member or play at Arch Badminton Center, everyone signed the agreement to adhere to our code of conduct and rule.

"As a member of the Arch Badminton Center, I accept that participation in a sport club is an opportunity and a privilege, not a right. I agree to act in accordance with the guidelines. I have read and fully understand this code of conduct and my submission of this form confirms my understanding that I may be subject to probation, suspension or termination from Arch Badminton Center for any violation of the code. I understand that compliance with this code of conduct is required for my participation in the Arch Badminton Center. Arch Badminton Center, reserves the right to issue sanctions, including but not limited to denying or revoking membership to individuals in violation of code of conduct."

We all share the same passion toward badminton. Let’s work together to foster and maintain a a friendly and respectful environment.