Badminton Consultation Night

We are excited to announce that starting from next Thursday, August 27th, we will host “Badminton Consultation Night” with Coach Wei Huang. Every Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm-8:30pm, Coach Huang will be available on court to provide FREE badminton advices to all our members and guests.

He will demonstrate badminton skills and strategies, including but not limited to
●Warm up routines, ●Footwork, ●Serve, ●Clear, ●Drop, ●Smash, ●Net play, ●Rotation, ●Defense skills, ●Double and mixed double strategies, etc.

He will also answer any questions you may have regarding equipment, racquets, string, and tension. It will be a constructive and methodological way to find what works the best for your game, and you will IMPROVE!

While you enjoy playing badminton at Arch Badminton Center, please don’t hesitate to talk with Coach Huang about you and your children learning needs.