ABC Badminton League Rules

  • League will not be managed by Arch Badminton Center but by a manager elected by members of the league
  • Term of the league manager shall be one year
  • League shall have a board which consists of 4 - 6 league players representing different gender, skill level, player background, etc
  • There shall be a league registration fee each season to play in the league. League fee is determined at the beginning of each playing season by Board of the League
  • League registration fee is kept by league manager and will be used for prizes and end of season party
  • End of season prizes shall include best player (with highest score), Player of the year (who made the largest improvements); one prize for each gender shall be presented.
  • There will be no court rental or reservation fees for league players if no reservation is needed before the season.
  • Each league player must be member of Arch Badminton Center or pay walk in fee to play each time
  • League manager maintains player scores/points. League manager assigns groups of 4 to play based on members' points before each session starts and communicates to each member in advance
  • After one time registration, each player needs to sign up online at to reserve a spot, at least 12 hours before session starts.
  • If players signed up are not multiples of 4, players who sign up last will either be responsible for finding the remaining players to make up group of 4 players, or will be dropped. (i.e., if 19 players signed up, the last 3 players is responsible for finding 1 additional league player, or will be dropped; if 18 players signed up, the last 2 players is responsible for finding 2 more league players or will be dropped; if 17 players signed up, the last player is responsible for finding 3 more league players or will be dropped).
  • Each 4 league players will play a total of 3 sets and scores will be recorded and turned to the manager after the session.
  • Each 4 league players will find a court to play using the standard queuing system/court rotation rules set up by Arch Badminton Center.
  • Session start time is determined by manager. If a league player signed up but no-show and does not notify league manager before session starts, he or she ......
  • WeChat will be used for communication between league members. A WeChat group for the league will be set up. Each player will need to sign up WeChat for free.

Safety Measures

  • Block the walking pass between courts 1,2,3 and courts 4,5,6 so that players can only get on/leave these courts from the ends of courts, not from the middle;
  • Provide a mandatory safety demo for all new members on safety rules when they join;
  • During normal open hours, limit juniors (with exception of a few junior team players) to play on courts 1, 2, 3 and 7 only to minimize the chances that children walk near courts in which adults are playing.

ABC Double League III Updates
All Stars League II Updates
Junior League Updates

ABC Double League II (August 19, 2015 - September 22, 2015)
ABC Double League I (July 7, 2015 - August 12, 2015)
All Stars League I (July 27, 2015 - August 24, 2015)

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