Wei Liu Head Coach

Coach Liu is a retired Chinese professional badminton player, who holds a physical education degree from Tianjin University of Sport. In 1990’s, he was selected on behalf of China National Badminton Team to compete against Malaysia National Team. As a player, he is a two-time finalist of men’s doubles in China National Youth Badminton Championship, and a semi-finalist of mix doubles in China National Badminton Championship.
Over 20 years ago, Coach Liu and his family came to the States with their skills, energy, idealism and passion, and now he is a well-known coach in the badminton community all over the United States. His coaching experience spans over 20 years and works with players of all levels including beginners, recreational players and nationally ranked juniors. Coach Liu believes that the individualized training will help everyone to achieve their full potential, in the meanwhile, he emphasizes the fundamental technique and the effective strategies.

Coaching Experience

2000-2003: Coach of Women’s Badminton Team, Fresno City College, CA. (won team competition and women’s single at Northern California University Badminton Tournament)

2001-2003: Faculty and Coach of Fresno State University, CA

Wei Huang Coach

He was a former player of Fudan University.

Chandra Mowl Coach

He is an elite player in St. Louis for last 20 years.